Making the Decision to Move

So, we’ve decided to get an apartment and make the move to Georgia. We definitely feel like being closer will give us the opportunity to work on the house and better supervise the contractors we bring in to do work, which is a primary driver for this.

It doesn’t hurt, however, that we’re looking at rent that is just over half what we are paying in NJ. We haven’t seen the apartment yet, but the pictures we’ve seen and reviews we read make us feel comfortable enough to make the move sight unseen. It is supposed to be available on the 15th of May, but we’re hoping they can get it ready for us a bit earlier.

Unfortunately, we will need to be out of our house by the end of April, which leaves us a couple of weeks wherein we will be wandering. Our plan is to stay at a hotel in Georgia for about a week and put our stuff into a storage unit near the apartment.

The weekend after that we are going to drive the rest of the way down to Tampa, FL, to stay with relatives until the apartment is ready. When it’s ready, I will drive back up and get our stuff moved from storage into the apartment. The following weekend, Donna will fly up to join me.

The new apartment is in LaGrange, GA, which is about 10-15 minutes further from Atlanta, but it is a quaint little town that I think we’re both going to enjoy. To be perfectly honest, though, I’m not really looking forward to the move.

We have so much stuff we’re taking, and so much stuff here still to get rid of, that I’m not sure we’ll be ready in time. I know we’ll have to, it just isn’t one of my favorite activities.

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