Our First Property Purchase

So, on the 11th we closed on our first property. We were able to quickly pull together the cash we needed, which I wasn’t sure we’d have enough time to do considering the speed at which this went forward, but we pulled it off. It actually felt like everything just fell into place, which was amazing. We now own a house without a mortgage. That’s a great first step.

I went down to Georgia for the closing and spent a few days walking contractors through the house to get estimates on the plumbing, roof, AC, and electric work that needs to be done. We’re using that to put together a budget, and trying to figure out how long it’s going to take us to be able to get the work done.

Because of the amount of work this house will require before we move in, we are thinking we should probably move into the area sooner rather than later. It would make sense to do so, in order to be close enough to do some of the work ourselves, to be able to supervise contractors, and to make it easier for me in my job search. My feeling is we probably will, but we need to hash it out first.


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