Moving Sucks!!!

OK, I know it’s totally worth all of the effort, especially in this case. I also know we had the option to pay someone else to do it all for us, but for a variety of reasons we chose not to do that. Somehow, though, that doesn’t make it suck any less.

Worse than just moving, we actually moved our stuff into a storage unit first, which means that in the span of just a few weeks, we moved twice. Once would be bad enough, and we tried to come up with just about any other alternative, but in the end we agreed this was the best option. Double sucks.

Loading always takes longer than you expect, and this time was no exception. Thankfully my brother was able to stick around to help, and then he and his family came by before we left to say goodbye.

We left on the 25th of April, a few days early, because it allowed us a weekend to travel, and allowed Donna to take less time off. However, we headed north first because we had an event to attend that was organized by Donna’s daughter.

After that, we drove out to Long Island to see my sister and her new baby, who we were not able to see before that because of all the moving activity. We were lucky to get there before they released mother and son from the hospital. Then, after all that, we got on the road.

NY to Atlanta is a very long drive – more than 14 hours. Thankfully we chose to stay in Atlanta rather than go to LaGrange, which is 45 minutes further. That may not seem like much, but at the end of a long trip it means a lot. We went the next morning to offload into storage and return the truck.

That week I didn’t really get anything done on the house. Severe weather and tornado watches, and one tornado that even touched down, kept me mostly away, and I had a shortened week anyway because of the move. I checked in on it, but the work had to wait.

The following week and a half we spent in Tampa, which was a nice break. I didn’t feel bad about not working because I wasn’t near the house, but at the same time I was anxious to get started. The management was able to get the apartment ready for us early, so I went up on the 9th and stayed in a hotel overnight so I could start moving us in on the 10th.

For several days during that next week I made several trips back and forth to move stuff from the storage unit. By Friday it was empty and I was able to close it out. Donna flew up from Tampa on Saturday, and we began our process of getting everything in order. It’s going to take us some time, for sure.

By the way, did I mention that moving sucks?

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