No Time or Space for a Garden

As you may have read here on this blog, Donna and I have been very busy over the past few months. In the early months of the year we were finding and buying a house. Then we had to move. Of course, the house needs work, and we’ve moved into an apartment for the time being.

One of the things that always interested me was the idea of the urban homesteader. There is, to begin with, a great site by that very name – The Urban Homesteader – about a family living in Southern California who grows a majority of their own food right on their small property within the city limits. That’s definitely hard core.

I’ve also read many things talking about how to embrace the lifestyle as an apartment dweller, which would seem to be one of the few ways to have less land to work than the family above. These talk about embracing a more sustainable lifestyle and growing what food you can.

Well, since most of the spring this year was spent relocating, and the place to which we’ve relocated is an apartment, we don’t have a garden. In other words, as the title indicates, we haven’t had the time, and we certainly lack the space, to have a garden. However, that hasn’t stopped us from starting to embrace the lifestyle.

For one thing, we are growing fresh herbs on our patio. We have two lovely basil plants which are flourishing, two rosemary plants, an oregano, and a cilantro. Donna bought the plants recently and transplanted them into attractive pots. She also has some lovely flowers that seem to attract a hummingbird, which makes us both very happy.

We discussed having some tomato plants as well, but since the patio space is limited, and gets only a few hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon, it seemed like it may not be worthwhile. Also, Donna had some concerns about attracting small critters onto the porch, which she worries may in turn attract snakes.

We’ve also become regulars at the local farmer’s market. We go every Saturday morning and get as much of our week’s worth of fresh produce as we can. We usually also get fresh eggs. This has helped us start to feel connected to the local community, and has also helped us eat better. As a matter of fact, we’ve dramatically cut back on our restaurant meals since we’ve moved.

Hopefully by spring of next year we will be living in our own house with enough space for a vegetable garden. Even if we could purchase everything we wanted locally and organic, I just enjoy having and tending the garden, so I’m looking forward to getting one going again. In the mean time, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy those delicious herbs and whatever we can get at the farmer’s market.

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