Progress or the Lack Thereof

So, we have officially had the apartment now for a month, so it would seem to be a good time for a check in on progress and changes that have come about to our plan. The theme so far seems to be slower than expected.

It took most of the first week for me to move our stuff out of the storage unit we had purchased, which was much longer than I thought it would take. It was very physically demanding, even though I moved all of the big pieces of furniture on the first day of moving. The storage unit was full, and I was bringing back only one or two van loads per day. Finally on Friday I just decided it was time to be done.

We are still not fully settled into the apartment. There are a large number of boxes sitting in various rooms and we’re still trying to figure out how we are going to make things work. The kitchen, though nice and modern looking, is not really laid out well and has much less space than you’d think. We have so much stuff we just don’t know what to do with it. This seems like it is going to take quite a while to complete.

As for the house, I’ve started by trying to tame the landscaping. Most of the carpeting is up inside, but it is just in a pile in the kitchen while I’m working outside. I’m only putting in a few hours a day in the mornings because this heat is hard to work in and I need time to do my job search and other things. I’m taking the fence down, removing some trees and bushes, and trying to keep the yard in order. Again, things are moving much more slowly than I expected.

To round out the theme, my job search so far has yielded very little. I have gotten a few hits on my resume submissions, and have been contacted once or twice, but nothing seems to be panning out. I haven’t had a single interview yet.

I think the theme of “slower than expected” has emerged for a number of reasons. The primary one would seem to be my expectations. For the physical work, I think my expectations were based on my thinking I can work like the 185 pound college student I used to be rather than the almost 300 pound 40-something I actually am now. That college student worked in the heat in Miami and never had an issue, so why should the heat in Georgia bother me now? Hello, expectations. I’d like you to meet reality. Oh, well.

I also think the adjustment has been huge for us both, which is making it harder to stay as motivated as we thought we’d be. We’ve moved far away from the friends and family we were closer to in NJ. We live in a small town that feels a bit more isolated than I would have expected. Of course, these kinds of adjustments take time, so we have to adjust our expectations and give ourselves a bit of a break.


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