Progress Report – The House, Job, and Apartment

There has been a lot going on over the past few months. To recap, in January we decided we were going to make 2014 a stellar year, I lost my job, and we decided to buy a house with cash. We moved quickly, making an offer in February that was accepted, and closing early in March. We moved to the area in May and started slowly renovating. It’s now July, so where are we at?

With regards to the house, we have made slow progress. All of the carpeting has been removed and discarded. The yard is in much better shape, but not yet completed, and about half the fence has been removed. We’ve spent some money on tools, but so far very little on the actual house.

We’re taking it slow for a number of reasons. We don’t want to sink a lot of money into it right now because I’m still not working. (More on that below) Also, the time spent on renovations has been small in total over the past few months, but hasn’t yielded the results I expected because of the way I’ve been going about things.

Spending a few hours a day leaves me with too much time on set up and clean up for each day, and shifting gears several times a day makes everything take longer. So, starting last week I began limiting my trips to the house to one or two days a week. Last week it was one day. I took care of the lawn and spent the whole day working there rather than a few hours each day. That was the day I got the carpets out and did some other work inside.

Doing things this way is not as much to increase progress in the house as it is to improve my job search. When I send out resumes lately I tend to get some responses. Having the next morning to respond and to look at other new jobs seems to be making things to easier. I can get “right to represent” paperwork or other information back to recruiters more quickly. At least that’s how it seemed last week.

As I said above, though, I’m still unemployed. However, I’ve had some phone screenings, and had one in person interview scheduled, though they cancelled on me at the last minute, and now I’m not hearing anything back from that recruiter. They seemed very professional right up to that point – very disappointing. I’m focusing now much more on this than the house. Once I’m back to work, we should have plenty of money available to contract out much of the work.

The apartment, with the exception of the office, is mostly in order now. We could probably get everything in order in a day with some focus, but we don’t know yet what we really want to do there, so it gets put off.

It feels like everything is starting to head in the right direction. Hopefully soon I’ll be working and we’ll get the house ready and get everything moving along. We still have the big open question about what comes next – do we rent the house out, move into it, or move closer to Atlanta? And, if it is the latter, do we sell the house and buy one or more closer to where we move, or keep it and rent it out? The future looks bright, but it is anything but certain at this point. Stay tuned…

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