This site was created in a quest to bring together information about being prepared in the case of an emergency – any emergency.  It was born at the outset of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the disease known as COVID-19.  (Catchy names, eh?) 

At first, there were the toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages.  Then came the lock-downs, supply chain disruptions, and panic.  Then came the “protesters”. 

We recognized that if we didn’t want to be scrambling, along with everyone else, to try to find the last roll of toilet paper or the last package of hamburger meat, we’d need to be three steps ahead.

We weren’t sure where to start, so we kind of drew from the hip for a little while.  But once we felt like we were in a somewhat better place, we started to slow down, draw up plans, figure out our next steps, and move in a methodical manner. 

Our first steps at prepping came from fear.  We were reacting because we weren’t prepared, and we made some mistakes along the way.  But as we slowed down, made a plan, and worked the plan, we realized we were well on our way to getting ourselves where we wanted to be

The three words in our site name correspond to the three words in our tag line:

FamilyPlan – there is a cliche that states, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  It may be cliche, but it is very true.  The cornerstone to all preparation is the plan.  While it may be true that no plan survives first contact, the actual act of planning is essential.  

Create your plan, practice your plan, look for gaps and weaknesses, shore them up, rinse and repeat.  Everything about your plan will revolve around your family.  Do you have school-aged children?  Does your elderly mother live with you?   Who do you need to be responsible for?  These people are the reason for and the focus of all of your plans.

GardenPrepare – there are a lot of components when it comes to being prepared, but the garden is a perfect symbol.  Everything in your garden has a time to plant, time for tending, and time to reap.  If you set it up right, a garden can potentially provide you and your family with a significant portion of the food you need. 

Good, healthy food is one of the most important things you need to survive and thrive.  When supply chains are broken or you’re worried about catching the highly contagious disease that’s making a mess of the world and you just don’t want to spend time in grocery stores, your garden can be your saving grace.

HomeProtect – one of the key things we are concerned with is the protection of our loved ones, so this is one of our primary areas of focus when it comes to prepping.  And your home is a key component of this protection. 

Home is where your family is.  Home is where your garden is.  Your home can provide shelter from the elements and safety from many dangers, but you’ve got to have a plan and be prepared.  And so it all comes full circle.